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Get to know all sorts of characters in this little corner of the future - Len, the perpetually pensive protagonist with a strange crystalline artifact; Jobeth, the life of the party; Kolas, his grouchy and pragmatic younger brother; Pey, Len's placid dog-like companion from parts unknown; Frann, the edgy teenage lone wolf supervillain-slash-theatre kid; and many more. Follow Len's winding and bizarre journeys with his friends through the desert town of Urnam, located on an alien planet called Waboone. He is the only human here, and must learn their trade language from the ground up in a place that has never heard of English.

CONTENT WARNING: Strong profanity, various sensitive topics, violence, drug/alcohol use.




Click here to visit the wiki! Wiki will not be very comprehensive to canon, as a majority of the story & world is intended to be experienced through the webseries. WARNING: Not fully mobile-friendly.

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Cosmosis OST [2:38:48]

Hosted on YouTube; rarely updated.